Time 10 December 2024 | Abu Dhabi
08:30 Registration, Refreshments, and Networking
08:50 Welcome Note by Conference Chairperson
Maya Omeiri, Industry Leader and Innovation Strategist
08:55 Opening Video
09:00 Opening Keynote Presentation
09:15 International Keynote Presentation
09:35 Keynote Presentation: Showcasing Leadership in Government-Led Initiatives to Drive CX Transformation in a Fast-Changing World
Dr Hassan AlSayegh, Advisor to His Excellency The Minister of Education, UAE
09:50 Opening Panel Session: Innovating Public Sector CX to Continuously Deliver Happiness and Satisfaction to Citizens and Visitors
  • How can we innovate CX strategies in the public sector to consistently deliver happiness and satisfaction?
  • How can we sustain existing initiatives to ensure continuous improvement and adaptability?
  • What new trends do you see shaping CX in 2024 and how this affects public sector CX?
10:35 Technology innovation session 1
10:50 Executive Panel Session: From Generative AI to Interactive AI – Discussing the Ongoing AI Revolution in Public Sector CX
  • Exploring the many ways AI is being used to transform CX and any interesting use cases in the public sector?
  • Discussing challenges with integrating AI into CX strategies and how to manage theme
  • Examining the shift towards interactive AI models, that allows for more engaging and personalized interactions with citizens and customers

  • Jette Blankholm, CX Transformation Lead, Office of the Minister of Education, UAE
11:20 Technology innovation session 2
12:15 Presentation: Leveraging the Power of Voice Interaction and Conversational Technologies to Seamless Experience Across Various Touchpoints, Integrating Chatbots and Messaging Apps
12:30 Technology innovation session 3
12:45 Presentation: Sustainability in CX: Exploring the integration of sustainability initiatives into CX strategies, aligning with customer values and enhancing organizational reputation
12:55 Executive Panel Session: Leveraging Latest Digital Technology to Drive Performance of OmniCX Strategies in Public Sector
  • Unpacking the concept of OmniCX and it can help organizations improve customer engagement across multiple channels
  • Discussing how to use OmniCX to streamline all interactions across multiple touch points in a unified way to deliver consistent brand experience
  • Role of technology in enabling a digital omnichannel strategy to deliver services fast, in less time, with increase experiences irrespective of the channel
  • Future of OmniCX and how to measure it
13:30 Presentation: Driving patient experience to the next level in the Digital Era
13:45 Technology innovation session 4
13:55 Closing Panel on Hyper-Personalization: Discussing on delivering highly personalized experiences tailored to individual preferences and behaviors
  • How far have we come when it comes to delivering highly personalized experiences tailored to individual preferences and behaviors?
  • Discussing role of AI in leveraging data analytics to gain insights into each customer's preferences, behaviors, and past interactions
  • Balancing Privacy and Personalization: Addressing the delicate balance between personalization and privacy concerns, emphasizing the importance of transparent data usage and providing customers with control over their personal information
  • How can we use hyper-personalization in crafting seamless customer journeys by delivering relevant content and offers at each touchpoint, ultimately improving satisfaction and happiness
14:30 Closing Remarks by the Conference Chairman Followed by Networking Lunch

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10th December 2024
The Ritz-Carlton | Abu Dhabi Grand Canal

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