05 March 2024 | Kuwait

The future of customer experience in the public sector holds great potential for improving citizen satisfaction and engagement. As governments worldwide recognize the importance of customer-centric strategies, they are increasingly focusing on enhancing the experiences of their citizens and residence.

Moreover, the fact that the pandemic fast tracked the shift to digital across every sector, driving the need to better improve processes to adapt to the sudden surge in digital citizens who now expect all their services and needs be met online in fast, smooth and effortless manner.

To be relevant and keep pace with these changes, government institutions across the world need to revolutionize and transform their CX strategies to not only invest in digital tools but to empower their CX team to be able to leverage these latest technologies to deliver a world class service and effortless experience to citizens.

In light of this, the Government CX Summit – Kuwait is being hosted to bring together Government CX, Digital Technology Leaders as well as CX expert to discuss the trends shaping future of customer experience in the public sector, underlying challenges and how to create seamless and citizen-centric experiences that foster trust, engagement, and satisfaction.

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Chiefs, VPs, Directors, Heads, Specialists, Advisors, and Consultants from the following departments:

Multiethnic corporate business team meeting in the office for a strategic marketing plan - Office workers, entrepreneurs and company employee at work in a multinational company

1. Improve Your Brand Awareness:

Get the chance to position your brand as one of the leading companies in the sector to help stakeholders achieve their targets.

2. Get in Front of Your Target Market:

Take advantage of this platform to gain access to key CX and digital transformation stakeholders involved with ongoing and upcoming projects in Kuwait and get insight into their plans to invest in new technologies and identify opportunities.

3. Increases Your Competitiveness:

Learn about the challenges faced by Kuwait’s key public and private organizations and identify how you can provide them with customized solutions to help them overcome these challenges.

4. Generate Strong Leads:

Learn about the CX digitalization requirements of key government entities and large companies, influence decision-makers, and stand a chance of being shortlisted for upcoming projects.

5. Gain Project Insights:

Get first-hand details on timelines and requirements of current CX initiative from across the country and spot opportunities.

Siim Sikkut

Government of Estonia

Dr. Wafa Snaineh

Gov. Design Academy

Abdullah AlGhamedi

Chairman of Saudi CX Association

Mohamed J Sear

Digital Gov. & Public
Sector Consulting Leader

Maya Omeiri

Head of Experience Management Advisory
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5 March 2024 | Kuwait

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